SBM 2.0 IMIS App Reports
  1. MR 69 Village Assessment form - Entry status
  2. MR 67 B Gram Panchayat Level Resolution On Machanized Desludging (Progress Report)
  3. MR 67 A Retrofiting Campaign - Entry status
  4. MR 67 C Retrofitting Campaign (BLS) - Status of Toilet Types Reported
  5. MR 74 Status of data received from MNREGA and MOPR using API
  6. MR 75(5B) Total ODF Plus Verified Villages and HGJ
  7. MR 05 Report ODF Plus Declaration of Villages and SLWM Arrangement
  8. MR 62 Detailed ODF Phase-2 Status Report Based on Declaration
  9. MR 05 (F) Aging Report of Aspiring and Rising ODF Plus Villages
  10. MR 03 Status of Village Basic Information and Institutional Details
  11. MR 03 (A) Status of Community Assets (SWM and GWM) Entered
  12. MR 06 ODF Plus - Village Report Card
  13. MR 18(B) Community Assets (SWM / GWM) Reported Based On Completion Year Prior To 1st April 2020
  14. MR 36 Report of Mapping of Faecal Sludge / Sewage Treatment Plant
  15. MR 52 Report For Plastic Waste Management Units
  16. ER 14 A View Complete Village Directory
Reports on Usage of Mobile App
  1. MR 78 Details Of Updated Swachhagrahi ( 2022 onwards)
Households of Phase2 / CSC Reports
  1. MR 70 Summary of Application recieved for IHHL from Citizen
  2. MR 13 Entry Status of new Households in SBM Phase2
  3. MR 14 Physical and Financial Progress of new IHHL in SBM Phase2
  4. MR 166(A) Status of Community Sanitary Complex (CSC) reported including SC/ST habitations
  5. MR 16(A) Yearwise CSCs Details (based on entry date)
  6. ER 77 Swachh Bharat Mission Target Vs Achievement On the Basis of Detail entered
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